Creating a color style
A good color style is the starting point of every new publication. By configuring this before creating your publication it will take less time to make the publication match your corporate identity. Small changes can always be corrected or changed on individual pages.

All templates and component blocks are connected to your color style. By selecting a color style for a publication the templates and the block and typography inside it will inherit this style. When a style is changed, a page that is connected to this style will automatically updated to reflect the change in style. The color style will stay linked unless you change the color style link for the page or publication.

Note that when you manually change the color of en element inside a page the color style settings will not be updated with the changes you made for that element.

Why connect a color style before starting a publication
  • All templates you use will start with the right colors and typography
  • Blocks you drag onto the pages have the right colors and typography
  • Being able to make changes in one location for your entire publication
Step 1 - New style
Add a new color style or choose an existing color style that you want to change. When you save one of our existing color styles a copy will be saved with its own unique name. With the checkboxes you can set a color style to be the default style. It will be used automatically when you start a new publication.

Step 2 - Choose typography
The templates will not contain a lot of default texts, but do have a lot of room for you to drag texts or content blocks. You can already style these items by choosing a font type and font style for different elements.
To add fonts to your account go to the settings > typography page. 

  • Title
    A big title
  • Subtitle
    A smaller title
  • Intro
    Short intro text that's a little bit bigger
  • Read text
    Default texts
  • Quote
    Text element in different quote blocks
  • Button
  • Text used in buttons
Step 3 - Colors
Inside a color style you will see four color types, selectable by choosing the corresponding tab. Some templates contain only the first two styles and some templates contain all styles. Make sure you take your time and configure all the details of the different types.

  • Text on photography
    Text that are positioned over a photo background.
  • Text on white background
    Default texts are placed on a white background in the templates, the color can of course be changed.
  • Text on color 1
    In the templates extra colors are used for backgrounds and elements.
  • Text on color 2
    In the templates extra colors are used for backgrounds and elements.