Maglr has a monthly paid subscription plan. There are three licenses to choose from: Standard, Business and Pro. When you first register to Maglr you will get a demo license. From your demo dashboard you're able to upgrade to one of the three paid licenses.

Register for a demo on our website A demo license can be used for 14 days. The features of the demo license match those of a business license. The only difference is that the published publication has a Maglr branding when your have a demo license.

We put together three licenses to match different type of users. The licenses differ in number of publications, number of templates, webinterface features and extra possibilities inside the platform. A license can be upgraded or downgraded monthly. Please note that some functionalities will be removed when you downgrade a license.

Use of Licence
A license will be assigned to a company or organisation that can publish it's own publications. An advertising agency, for instance, should have a license for every client they create a publishing platform for.

With a license you will have a Maglr domain set up for you. On that domain you will have an interface with your logo and corporate colors in which you can publish unlimited publications.

Bigger organisations (with multiple companies inside or foreign offices) should use seperate licenses. They operate as seperate companies and want their publications on different environments and different domains. We can create connections so these accounts can share information.

Single issues
Our subscription model is based on a monthly agreement that lets you publish unlimited publications. If you just want one publication for one year we handle different prices. Please contact us.