If you use Maglr for presentations or sales tools it can come in handy to be able to show your publication without having an internet connection sometimes. Not every place or company has a great internet connection or maybe you're not allowed to use their network. Maybe you want to present something in the middle of nowhere?

For those kind of situations we developed an Offline Viewer. Use our installer to install the Offline Viewer on your laptop. You can login with the same credentials you use to access Maglr.
The first time you login, the app has to download a lot of files to make it work with your account. After that you will only have to download publications.

You can download each publication separately or you can choose to download all publications. When a publication is downloaded for offline viewing you can view or show it everywhere without an internet connection.
When there has been an update in one of your downloaded publications we will show this in the app when there is an internet connection and you can choose to update a publication.

To use the Offline Viewer you will need the feature in your subscription. You also need to have the presentation interface configured.