The timeline lets you change the timing of all elements that are on the canvas. You can control when an element or group becomes visible or when it will hide. You can drag the darkblue handles in the timeline to change the timing of an element. When an animation is set, you will see a colored bar inside the existing timeline. You can also drag the left or right side of the animation to change the start or finish time or drag the middle of the animation bar to move it inside the timeline. Combine the timing and animations to create stunning publications.

  • You can animate an element or the complete group
  • When a timeline is dragged to the full length it's always visible
  • A group contains a new timeline, when the group is visible it will start the timing of it's own elements
  • When closing a group it will first play the end-animations of it's main elements, second the end-animation of the group. 


In the object panel’s third tab there are animation settings. You can set an incoming animation, a looping animation and an outgoing animation. When turning on these animations a few select boxes appear. These can be used to choose the type of animation, the easing and the direction. There is also an input field to change the duration in seconds. The small orange circle in the right top of the tab directly tells you if there are any modifications made. 

  • Duration: Length of the animation itself
  • Animation: Type of animation
  • Easing: The way the animation comes into focus
  • Direct: Start or end position animation

Manual animation
With the 'manual' option you can choose the exact start position/direct of your element, in combination with size and the opacity.


The fourth sub tab inside the object panel contains the effects. You can add an effect to an object or use it to give an effect that’s only visible when hovering over an object.

Default effects

  • Shadow
  • Shadow on text
  • Black & white
  • Blur

Hover effect

  • Shadow
  • Shadow text
  • Black & white
  • Blur
  • Background color
  • Grow
  • Rotate
  • Transparency
  • Ready to go Animations
  • Manual

You can add multiple hover effects on top of each other. In manual mode you have more custom options to create more specific hover transformations.