We tried our best to make the Pro Editor as logical as possible but it's understandable that you still may have some questions. We will explain a lot of the features of the Pro Editor on these pages.

Left side
On the left side of the screen you’ll find a menu containing all the objects you can drag onto the canvas. It also contains a button to navigate to other pages, buttons for other screen sizes and a button to activate the safe-zone lines.

On the left side at the bottom there’s a button to toggle the timeline panel. The timeline panel shows at what time an object will appear or disappear.

Right side
The right bar contains all the settings of objects and pages. In the first tab you will find every setting of an object. Some of the settings are separated in smaller tabs. The second tab shows all the objects and groups on the canvas. You can rename them, rearrange them or use the group, ungroup, copy and delete buttons. The third tab shows all the media used in the edition. The fourth tab has all the page settings.