Links to layers or groups

Probably the most used link option in Maglr. Publications become interactive by linking to other layers/elements or groups.
When you select an object and open the link panel there are a lot of options. You can link to external sites or other pages. To make your publication interactive it’s nice to open parts of the page with a button. Choose "Open Group/Layer". Just click the round circles next to the layers you want to make visible/invisible. In most cases using a group for a popup is the easiest way to interact with multiple elements. It also keeps your “popups” better organized. If you decide to create a big popup, you can also put a close button in there that closes the popup in exactly the same way. Make it link to the group that it’s in.

There are also radiobuttons that can be used to select which other groups or elements should be closed while opening the link. One to close every layer that was initially not open and one to close every layer inside the same level. By same level we mean every layer or group inside the same group. Just click away and play with it to get the hang of it.

Other links

Other link targets are: Reference, Interface option, Page, External URL, File, Element action. Most of these options don’t need explanation but here is a short summary.

  • Reference: Links to the reference tag if you have added one when creating a page.
  • Interface option: Links to some of the functions outside the magazine but inside the interface surrounding the publication.
  • Page: Links to another page, you can select the page from a selectbox.
  • External URL: Link to other sites and juste paste the right url beginning with http://
  • File: Link to a file. You can upload and choose a pdf or other type of file.
  • Element action: Control an element. This way, you can make custom buttons to control a slideshow or video/audio player. To do this, click an element. In the link menu on the right side you can choose "element". In the selectboxes that show up you can choose the element that you want to control and what the button needs to do. This way you can create custom slideshow buttons or video buttons.