A great way to show content is by using 'scenes'. Scenes are multiple screens inside a page. You can link to next and previous scenes or link to a specific scene. It’s a nice way to show more text or other content related to one subject or article. In the left menu you'll find the scenes button. It will show a panel with all scenes of the page. In this panel you can add scenes, delete them, rearrange them and rename them. There is also a pin to make a scene sticky. Read more about that below.
Linking to other scenes is easy. Click an element and check the link tab. There you can choose to link to next or previous scenes or a specific scene.

Sticky Scenes

This is a scene that overlays all scenes in a page. This can be useful for placing one next button that stays on top or a text or picture that stays on top of all the scenes. Find new creative ways to use this!


Scenes have their own page settings and safe zones. So you can approach a scene like a page, just check out how it looks when scenes scroll up and down from each others.


Scrolling scenes are separate screens in the editor but turn into a long scrolling page when viewed. While scrolling the scenes will snap into place. Preview it to see how this works.


Using transitions can really make a big difference in your publication. We have programmed a few nice transition animations for you to switch between slides. Try some of the transitions to see if they can boost your publication.