It's nice to know how many people visited your publication. Maybe you also want to know how long they were visiting it or which pages were most popular. All this information can be viewed if you add your Google Analytics code. You can get one here.

On the Google statistics page you can fill in your GA-code you got from Google. On this page you can also add a webmaster code and you can choose if you want your publications to be indexed in Google by clicking a switch on or off.

When you added a Google Analytics code your statistics will also be viewable in the Maglr dashboard so you have all your Publication information in one place. You'll find the Publication statistics by clicking on the small statistics icon in the Publication overview. Each publication has one.

To find your Google Analytics ID go to and login. Click on the little cog icon in the bottom left corner to go to the account section. Now choose or add an account. Then in the panel next to it choose or create a property. In the Property column choose tracking info and tracking code to go to the page where you will find the code we're looking for. See the image below.

Google Webmasters
If you also want to use Google Webmaster tools login on and add the url of your publications. On the next screen choose the option to 'Upload a HTML file'.  We are not really going to upload this file. Just use the complete filename, in the example below this would be (  googleaf85c00bcd2b62fc.html  ) and past this code in the dashboard. Save the settings in the Maglr dashboard and verify the code in Google Webmaster.