Every account in Maglr can create its own domain. You can choose a name followed by a few domain names like digitaal-magazine.nl, maglr.com or maglr.nl. You can also configure your own domain to be forwarded to your Maglr publication.

Maglr domains

On the domain settings page you'll have follow a few steps to set up your domain:

  1. Choose a domain from the selectbox.
  2. With the Domain filter you can choose to filter your magazines. This way you can just show a selection of your magazines on a domain.
  3. Fill in a name that you want to be your subdomain followed by the domain you chose in step 1.
  4. Save! It's as easy as that.

You want to use your own domain

To use your own domain you have to configure it to be forwarded to our servers. Your domain provider probably has a configuration panel you can log into where you can enter the information you see on this page.
The domain forward in our settings panel will look something like this. 

You can also forward this information to your colleague from IT. He or she will probably know what to do.

When your domain is configured there are two steps left to complete:

  1. Fill in your prefered domain name.
  2. Choose the domain filter. Select the publication(s) you want to be shown on your domain.