A template can have interactive parts that show after a click like a popup. We call these parts layers. To edit them inside the editor navigate to other layers inside a template with the images in the left sidebar.

Content blocks
Fill the empty spaces in templates with all kinds of content blocks. Switch the left sidebar to 'blocks' with the tab on top. Drag items from the left sidebar to areas that say: "Drop here". You can now edit the title, paragraph, videoplayer etc. with the menus that are shown.

Change content type static areas
Some areas can be changed by using the small box in the left bottom corner. Images can be changed to show a video or a single background color.

Mobile version
In the top bar you can change to the mobile view to see how your page looks on a small screen.

Switch to different page
In the top bar you will see the page number and the page title. Click it to see a menu with the other pages of your publication.

Restore a backup
You can restore a previously saved page from the options menu located in the top bar.  Select 'get page back-up' and a 'Restore Backup' menu will popup. Select the back-up you want to restore.

Show hidden elements
In the options menu you will find a button to show al the elements that are currently set to hidden.