For some of the elements you can add to a page we have a unique help page. Some of the other elements are explained in this page.
We will explain something about the following elements:
  • Tables
  • Tabmenu
  • Slideshow
  • Popup
  • Bulletlist
  • iFrame
  • Columns

When you have to show facts or figures a table can come in handy.
Tab menu

When you're splitting content in small parts a tab menu can be your best friend. Easy to use for you and for your audience. 



A great way to show more content en emphasise parts of your publication is by putting the extra content in a popup. It's very easy to create one.



An iframe can be used to load content from and external source. That way you can show that part of your own website inside a publication.


Columns can be very handy to create all kinds of different layouts.